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Become or Renew a Florida Notary

Florida Notary Agency provides a super-fast and super-easy 100% online notary package including everything you need to renew or become a new notary in Florida!

Are you a Signing Agent?

As an independent Signing Agent you could have unlimited personal liability for losses caused by your errors during a signing. You also have the exposure to a lawsuit even when you haven’t done anything wrong.

We are Florida’s #1 Processors for New Notaries

Low Cost

Fast Notary Application Processing

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow-Up Status Emails

Florida Based Company

Online Florida Notary Application

“Thank you for the quick turnaround… I didn’t expect to receive my Notary Commission and Seal so quickly.”

Nicole S. - Orlando

“I really appreciate all the follow up! Thanks for keeping me informed through the entire process.”

Jason V. - Tampa

“Everyone at Florida Notary is so nice. Shout out to Ken, you rock”

Cindy T. – Hialeah

“Thanks for helping me change my name after I got married… you made it easy.”

Chrstine K. – Port St. Lucie

“You made this simple for me; I was confused looking at other Notary websites..”

Jennifer P. – Bonifay

“Funny message on your phone system…. sounded like Suzanne. Everything was really fast and friendly like the recording; funny.”

Nicole R. – Fort Myers

“Put more info on the website about the E&O insurance; Ken’s explanation over the phone was super informative. I might not have purchased it without talking to him.”

Elizabeth M. – Orlando

“Vic asked me to write this because no one ever emails ‘thank yous” to him. Hey Vic, THANK YOU!!!”

Jason C. – Oviedo

“I needed to become a Notary to conduct a marriage ceremony for a close friend. Thanks for getting my Notary Stamp to me so quickly… you saved the day.”

Orlando D. – Fort Lauderdale


Gerardo R. – Tampa

“Process was easy and was fast (cheap too).”

R.A.G. – Winter Park

“I like your online system. It was fast and easy."

Dania S. – Miami

All Inclusive Notary Package Includes

State of Florida Filing Fees

Official Notary Commission Certificate

$7,500 Required Notary Bond

Required Notary Stamp

Online Management System

Online Florida Notary Application

Our Online Application

100% Online

Easy to Complete Application

Step-by-Step Instruction

Print. Sign. Mail. Relax.

Simple Three Step Process

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Complete Online Application

Step 3: Print, Sign, and Mail Original Forms

New Registration Requirements

Minimum Age: 18
Residency: Must be Florida resident. No minimum length of residency required, but legal residency must be maintained throughout the four-year term of commision.
Education: All first time notary applicants must complete a three-hour "free" online Notary Education Course. After your Florida Notary Online registration you will receive an email with a link for the course.
Term: Four Years.
Filing Fee: $39.00 (included in your Florida Notary Online Notary Package).
Bond Requirements: $7,500 (included in your Florida Notary Online Notary Package).
Seal Required: Self-Inking Stamp/Seal (included in your Florida Notary Online Notary Package).
Notary Application: Online Notary Application (included in your Florida Notary Online Notary Package).

Renewal Registration Requirements

Same as new notary, except no education requirements.

A Quick Review of our Easy, Accurate, and Fast Notary Process

Complete Online Notary Registration

Complete Online Notary Application

First Time Notary Education Requirement

Mail Forms to Florida Notary Agency

Florida Notary Agency
PO Box 951293
Lake Mary, FL 32795

Stay in the Loop.

When you complete your Notary Registration you receive a confirmation email. When you complete your Notary Application you receive a confirmation email. When we receive via mail your hard-copy signed Notary Application you receive a confirmation email. When the state has issued your Notary Commission, you receive a confirmation email. When we mail your Notary Seal and Notary Commission Certificate… that’s right; you receive another email.

Hooray! Receive Notary Package.

You receive via first class mail your Notary Commission Certificate, Notary Stamp/Seal, and $7,500 Notary Bond.

* +$20 for Shipping & Processing Fee

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