Remote Online Notarization

The Fastest Way to Become a Remote Online Notary

Florida Notary Agency provides a super-fast and super-easy 100% Remote Online Notary Package including everything you need to become a RON in Florida.

What is a RON?

What is a Remote Online Notary (RON)?

Becoming a Remote Online Notary (RON)
Which NotaryHub RON Subscription is for me?

Our All Inclusive RON Package Includes

State of Florida Filing Fees

Official Notary Commission Certificate

$25,000 Required Notary Bond

Required Notary Stamp

Online Management System

Online Florida Notary Application

$25,000 Required Errors & Omissions Policy

2-Hour Remote Online Notary Certification Course

Why Use Remote Online Notarization?

It's Remote

Whether you’re fully back in-office, have a hybrid schedule, or your company still operates entirely remotely, your document notarization process doesn’t have to be the hiccup in everyone’s workflow.

Notarize documents for anyone in your company, anytime, from anywhere.

It’s Paperless.

75% of documents that knowledge workers encounter are PDF. Avoid the wasteful cycle of generating a paper document just to notarize it.

Save time rummaging through your filing cabinets or waiting for your documents to print.

Save yourself from the inevitable frustration when the printer doesn’t connect, runs out of paper, or is low on ink.

Save money purchasing supplies like ink, toner and paper.

Save physical space in your office by eliminating the need for file storage boxes.

Lastly, save the planet.

It’s Efficient & Secure.

Less time commuting to a Notary.

Less time preparing and reviewing documents.

Less time verifying identity and documentation verification

Simple Three Step Process

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Complete Online Application

Step 3: Print, Sign, and Mail Original Forms

New Remote Online Notary Requirements

Minimum Age: 18
Residency: Must be Florida resident. No minimum length of residency required, but legal residency must be maintained throughout the four-year term of commision.
Education: All first time notary applicants must complete a three-hour "free" online Notary Education Course. After your Florida Notary Agency registration you will receive an email with a link for the course. 2-Hour Remote Online Notary Certification Course (including with your RON Package).
Term: Four Years.
Filing Fee: $39.00 (included in your Florida Notary Agency RON Package).
Bond Requirements: $25,000 (included in your Florida Notary Agency RON Package).
Errors and Omissions Requirements: $25,000 E&O policy included in your Florida Notary Agency RON Package
Seal Required: Self-Inking Stamp/Seal (included in your Florida Notary Agency RON Package).
Notary Application and RON Application: Online Notary Application (included in your Florida Notary Agency RON Package).
Notary Commission: Once you have received your Notary Commission, you will then be able to submit all the required paperwork for you RON.

A Quick Review of our Easy, Accurate, and Fast RON Process

Applicant Receives Notary Certificate

The final step of becoming a commissioned Notary is receiving your Commission Certificate via email. Click here to see our step-by-step guide to becoming a Notary. All steps to become a commissioned Notary are included in your RON package.

Applicant Earns RON Education Course Certificate

Florida Notary Agency makes it very easy to take your RON course since we got our own course approved by the state! We automatically enroll you in the RON education course, and you receive your certificate without ever navigating away from our website.

Applicant Mails Documents to the State of Florida

The required documents include: RON Application, Course Certificate, RON Service Provider form, Notary Bond, E&O Insurance Verification, Notary Commission Certificate (copy), and $10 payable to Florida Department of State

Wait 4-6 Weeks for Processing

You can check the status of your RON Application by visiting:

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