RON Step by Step Guide

A Quick Review of our Fast and Easy Remote Online Notary Process


Verify that you meet the Notary Requirements.

- 18 Years of Age
- Florida Resident
- Have not been convicted of a felony**


Register to become a Florida Notary.

Your registration includes the state of Florida filing fees, $25,000 Notary Bond, $25,000 Errors & Omissions liability policy, Notary Stamp/Seal, and Registration for Notary Education course for first time notaries, and 2-Hour Remote Online Notary Certification Course. After registering you will be taken directly to the online Notary Application.


Complete the Notary Application.

Florida Notary Agency's Fast-App provides you with an electronic version of the state application. Simply fill out the Application, print, sign, and mail to Florida Notary Online.

For New Notaries Only

3-Hour Notary Education course for New Notaries only.

If you are a new notary you must complete a three hour notary education course. You will receive an email with a link for the course. Complete the course and print out your Certificate of Completion. You will need to mail a copy of the Certificate of Completion with your Notary Application to Florida Notary Online.

2-Hour Remote Online Notary Certification Course.

Florida requires all prospective online notaries to complete a two-hour RON course. The 2-hour Certification Course is included in your online notary package.

Send to Us

Mail your signed documents to our offices.

Mail your signed notary application, 2-Hour RON certificate of completion and new notary education certificate of completion (if you are a new notary) to our offices. Once we receive your signed documents, we work directly with the state to ensure that your application is processed.

Florida Notary Agency
PO Box 951293
Lake Mary, FL 32795

Send to You

Notary Seal and Notary Commission Certificate

We mail you your: Official Notary Commission Certificate, Notary Stamp/Seal, and $25,000 Notary Bond. A while later, you will receive notification that your RON application was approved by the state of Florida.

* +$20 for Shipping & Processing Fee.
** Please ensure that you understand the scope of your appointment and if you have any questions about being or becoming a Florida Notary, please visit our FAQ section or contact our professionals at Florida Notary Agency.

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