Errors & Omission Insurance


The Basic Notary Package includes everything required by the state of Florida but does not automatically come with Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance. We recommend that you purchase at least some E&O Insurance to protect yourself. Bonds are different from insurance in that Bonds are a protection for the public, BUT any claim filed against your bond is reimbursable by you to the bonding company. E&O Insurance protects you, including a legal defense, AND any claim made against your E&O Insurance is not reimbursable by you to the insurance company.

When registering, please thoughtfully consider adding E&O Insurance to your registration. If a claim or legal action is brought against you, even a wrongful suit, you will be so glad that you did.

$5,000 E&O Coverage for 4 Years ($14)
$15,000 E&O Coverage for 4 Years ($54)
$25,000 E&O Coverage for 4 Years ($68)

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$5,000 E&O ($14), $15,000 E&O ($54), $25,000 E&O ($68)

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